Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last minute thoughts!

My school starts tomorrow. I am feeling both nervous and excited at the time. 
May be because finally it has sunk in, I have the responsibility of 45 kids, and also of this mission.
Today I know I am doing the right thing. I have never experienced this kind of happiness and satisfaction ever. It makes my living worthwhile :)
 I would like to conclude by quoting some lines from the song Aashayein,

"teri woh raftaar ho
roke se bhi tu na ruke
haasil kar aaisa shikhar
parbat ki bhi nazrein uthe
aashaayen khile dil ki
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahi kuch bhi
nahi kuch bhi".

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Teach for India :)

Guess it’s been ages since I have visited my own blog :) 

Been busy, hell yeah!! A lot has happened in past 1 year. Today after a long time, I want to pen down some thoughts.
I feel amazingly calm right now. In my head there is a profound silence with absolutely no chaos, which is indeed rare :)

So amongst other things, I have joined Teach for India. It was 'at the spur of a moment' decision.

So last month, we had a training institute for 5 weeks in Pune. It was the most amazing, overwhelming experience of my life. Meeting so many people from varied backgrounds but sharing the same passion was awe inspiring. I was floored by their humility and commitment to the cause.

The best part was summer school. Imagine 15 kids and 1 didi, trying her hand at all the techniques that she had learnt at the institute, it was quite a sight :)
The whole experience had made me realize the power of a teacher, their capability to transform the lives of so many kids. A teacher can see through his/her children, can unleash their potential, give them the power to dream and achieve the impossible.

I remember Nabil, one of the most unresponsive kids of my class. He troubled me the most and never paid attention in the class. But at the last day of the school, he came back 4 times, hugged me and cried!! On my way back, I had tears in my eyes, and that was “the moment” for me.

Now I am about to start my journey. I will be teaching for 2 years in a low income school. I feel apprehensive, nervous and jittery but at the same time am excited and happy. The onus lies on me and my co fellows to make this movement a success!

I am glad I joined teach for India, for I think this is the best decision I have made in my life. 

And I can't really sign off without quoting a few lines :)

"I hope you still feel small when you stand besides the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Latent Love!!

I got up very early today, to the sound of raindrops tapping my window. The sight was beautiful, thanks to my mom, who loves having lot of plants and trees in our garden. The smell of mud, chirping birds and the aroma of the hot coffee just marked the wonderful beginning of my day.

I saw the clouds with silver lining and was tempted to take a picture but then decided against it. It was like any kind of motion would have upset the stillness of this beautiful scenery.

There are times when I crave for my own company. Lately I have been so busy and given the nature of my work, I hardly spend time alone. There are always numerous phone calls to make, meetings to attend, work to be done.

So I thought of listing down the things I love/plan to do :)

1. Walking through the woods in silence, only the sound of dry leaves crackling below my feet.
2. Clicking pictures
3. Singing romantic songs
4. The smell of rain, raindrops falling on my face
5. A mug of hot coffee with a romantic novel by fire on a chilly December night
6. Beer hug from friends
7. Opening a library for all book lovers
8. Getting up early, listening to birds
9. Stargazing at night
10. A long drive on a solitary road with windows open
11. Laughing uncontrollably on silly pjs
12. Writing silly poetry
13. Day and night dreaming
14. Meeting new people, making friends
15. Fruitful shopping- When for a change I get all clothes of my size :)
16. I love colors, I can’t imagine the world in black and white
17. Fancied myself as a painter, still do :)
18. Holding hands, anticipating 1000’s of things in that single moment
19. Imagining things/stories- I can be the next Broadway queen
20. Living in a small house with a white picket fence and lots of roses, lilies, daisies around and a lake nearby.

Smiling too readily, blushing deeply, people say I am in love
my feelings laid bare, so fresh like a green eyed dove,
I'm in love with the small things that fills me with wonder
and my eyes twinkle, enjoying the rolling rain thunder.